Awesome Features

Our approach links your insight with the cross section of data under purview. Your insight is immediately available to everyone looking at this data irrespective of the visual.

Interactive Graphs

Our graphs comes out of the box with different levels of interactivity.

Visualization Components

Docube has all the components designed for visualizing aggregate and raw data and to showcase a story from your data. You can customize each component of the visual.

Custom Visualization

Our pre-packaged library of standard graphs should be more than sufficient for all your general use cases. However, in case you want your story to stand out, you can create your own custom visuals without any programming knowledge.

Data Transformations

Docube has all the capability to do any kind of data manipulation and transform your data for reporting, visualization or for advanced analytics.

Real Time Data Streaming

Stream data directly from your live database to document. Connect it with other sources and received alerts and insights in real time.

Advanced Analytics

Create Machine Learning models and apply it over an existing dataset in docube or setup real time analytics over the live dataset.

Insights directly from Data

Be notified in real time, what insights your colleauges are already finding on the underlying data. Quickly share the insights you find on the same dataset and work together as a team on data problems.

Filtering Data

You can play around with data and look at specific details using our data filtering capability. You can dynamically control filters applied on each of

Schedule & Notifications

Use the scheduling functionality to execute the same analysis repeatedly. Refresh datasets & presentations automatically and be notified as soon as specific data criteria are met. You can even ask docube to track specific attributes & auto notify in case of deviations.


You can work together privately as a team. Create a private folder and use it to share data, dashboards and most importantly your analysis on data.

An End to End Analytics - Data Storage to Visualization

Mobile First

Mobile First - Create your own custom layout for the dashboard, Our device agnostic grid will ensure it is rendered appropriately across devices.

Query on millions of records

Let our in-memory engine and smart caching handle the complexity, no more aggregate tables.

Abundant Disk space

Never run out of space. Store as much of historical data as you need. You do not need a separate database to store data.


Control key aspects of data and reports you share with your colleagues or socially.

R Integration

Use our R package to instantly upload datasets and visualize data in Docube without leaving your favorite R environment.

Apache Spark & Hadoop Integration

Have an existing Apache Spark and Hadoop cluster? Maximise outcome through a docube overlay.

Data sources

CSV, RDBMS, ORACLe, POSTGRES, SQL SErver, MYSQL, MONGODB, R Dataset, GIT, LOG files. You need a data source listed above, just let us know.