End to end analytics - Data Storage, Visualization, Advanced Analytics
and Data mashups/ETL in a single package

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Why should you use docube?

Visualize any data & track every insight derived across the entire organization in real time

Unlimited data storage - Snapshot or retain all of your historical data & use our in memory engine to visually analyzes billions of records in seconds.

Boutique Visualization - Visualize any data small or big, logs or csv /db and Create your own boutique visuals to expresses your data stories.

Advanced Analytics - Execute/Schedule ML algorithms on stored data and feed programs.

Monitoring - Real time notification as new insights and events are identified.

More Awesome features

Connect your Live DB to docube and start your analytics journey in less than an hour.

Transform data using simple ANSI SQL or write complex data algorithms using Apache spark.

Analyze data and link your insights and comments to underlying data and not to a visual, making it available to the relevant secured audience.

Omni channel - Build you story and let your users consume it on any device, mobile or desktop.

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